Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Luckey Family....

this shoot was way too much fun!  im not so sure you could find a better duo for parents! they are super great with their kiddos and their pictures say just that...
lets start with their super exciting news...
take a peek!!!


 this picture just melts my heart! 
there is nothing better in life 
than a mothers love for her babies...

lets meet the littles...

Elliot Walter 3 years
Favorite colors:blue and orange
Favorite food: sloppy joes unless the doctor prescribes icecream for his sore throat!
Loves farming just like daddy
Loves to be funny and entertain
Can't help but to show off his 2 shorthorn cows especially during calving season

Kodee Lynn age 1
Favorite color: hot pink
Favorite food: nearly everything, but if given a pickle it always disappears first!
She loves to be a girl but knows how to get just as dirty as the boys.
Loves animals especially babies/even snakes and bugs
Worlds BIGGEST daddy's girl!


 and last but not least i couldnt resist this one...lucas was helping load up the props and the emotion in this picture was so exactly right on for the moment!

thanks you guys for a super fun shoot! best of luck with baby #3 :)

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