Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Anderson's.....


here they are as cute as they come, if you follow my blog you may have seen them here before! 
meet the anderson's! i just love this family!


hello beautiful!... eva is a freshman this year at lincoln christian, she is an amazing big sis/second mom she is quite the care taker....loves kids!....she is putting her everything into cheer this year, she's very accademic, and also is singing in the select singing group "remix" at lincoln christian. 
and gorgeous might i add! 


meet cutter...hes a true gentleman! full of manners and sweetness he would give you the shirt off your back if he felt you needed it...he is currently traveling the world with his dad, they are in so korea then hong kong...cant wait to hear all about his experience! cutter is running cross country this year at lincoln christian, he is in the 7th grade, plays basketball and golf...hes a determind young guy always telling me about his latest research he's as smart as a whip! 


she's gettng all big and grown up and stuff!  in the 1st grade this year at lincoln christian.. miss vivian....
vivie is a full of life little gal she is everyones 6 year old....and a future model! she has a strong sweet tooth i always stock up on my suckers at the salon when she comming in!
i think im safe sayin that this sweet little social butterfly is going to give her parents a run for their money in her older years shes a little spit fire! 
and that what i love most about her! 


meet shepard! i think im safe sayin that mr shep might fight vivie for the rebel to see a little of his ornry side today at the shoot heheh love him! he wants to be a rock star, everything he gets in his hands turns into a gutiar, he rocks out on his drum set all the time! sadly this is his last year home with mom :( he moves onto preschool next year also at lincon christian, where he will melt all the teachers hearts!



ron & jenny just celebrated18 years of marriage june 29th, ron is a financial advisor at wells fargo adviders; anderson financial group. 
as a family they do a ton of mission work in sweeden. ron has begun to travel the world right now he is south korea with cutter, they are then headed to hong kong speaking and teaching on biblical generosity within his financial advising and how to live life purpose.....his motto "find your true calling and live life with purpose"...jenny is a stay at home mom she is always on the go running kids here and there and over again....i have never seen her anything but patient with her kids, she is an inspiration to watch as a mom myself! jenny gets the title as the most impressive multi-tasker ive ever she has it all together, all the time, the glue to the family! 


....darling arent they?!?!?!.....

Friday, September 6, 2013

kayla's senior session....

say hello to kayla!
kayla is a senior at pius x, in lincoln. 
when i asked her mom to describe her she said this:
kayla is my free spirited child,
 she is, and always has been full of life!  
kayla is extreemly excited about her senior year, 
and ready to pack up and be moving onto college.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Elijah Michael Newborn Session...

Elijah Michael Hanke was born August 13th, 2013
weighing in at 7lbs 5oz & measuring 19" long.
This happy little guy had mommy, daddy, & his grandparents wrapped aroud his litle finger from minute one.  Just like any typical little boy he is a big eater, and is already growing to fast for his mommy's liking! At just 3 weeks old he is already rolling from his tummy to his back! 

Caleb & Nicole are thrilled to finally have him here and are looking forward to watching him grow.  They thank GOD daily for the ferfect little gift they are so blessed to call their son.

god bless you guys as you take on life's journey as parents!