Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Charlotte Senior Session...

Charlotte Miller is a senior at Elmwood-Murdock Public Schools...
she participates in 2 different 4-H groups... one of which is Horse 4-H and the other is of Crafts. 
Charlotte has been shooting trap for the past two years.  
She enjoys mudding on her 4-Wheeler and go-Kart.. 
she loves riding her horse "hope"... 
and all things that involve being outside!

Monday, August 12, 2013

3 year old Liam....

Meet Liam...

(a picture Liams foster parents sent from South Korea on his 1st birthday)

Liam’s stuffed Lion that he named “Bear”, 
has made just as an amazing journey 
to be apart of our family as Liam has. 

Bear was a present that we sent to him
 for his 1st birthday
 while he was still living with 
his foster family in South Korea. 
Bear was with him as his cuddly companion
 long before we could ever hold him in our arms.
 But now we are all a family.....forever.
We are so greatful for South Korea's adoption program. 
Liam is a wonderful, amazing, little boy! 
We are so incredibly lucky that we get the
 honor to call him our son!
we simply love him! 

Liam is a rambunctious, determined,
 fearless three year old boy! 
His favorite color is green
 and he loves climbing 
and jumping off of anything he is allowed to!
 Liam has a heart of gold and his sweetness
 and orneriness shows in EVERY
 one of his contagious smiles.

Liam doesn’t hold still for too long. 

Encouraging you to chase him every chance he gets.

The Ostrander's....

Meet the Ostrander Family...

Tausha is the Owner and a Stylist at 
Serenity Salon in Lincoln, NE.  
She Also works with the Aquage team, where she recently had her work published in a magazine! 

 Renting a chair and working
 in Tausha's salon myself,
 I could go on and on about how talented she is but better yet, You can click on the link below 
& check out her work for yourself!! 

Cory graduated from the University of Nebraska
 with a bachelors of architecture degree.
He now works at the University as a project manager. 



Justice will be turning 6 
and starting kindergarden this year! 
She loves to take dance 
and play softball and soccer.
  Her favorite food is pizza 
and she loves the color purple.


 Nevaeh is 3 years old.
  She will be taking gymnastics this year
 and loves to hang around home and play with her dog Daisy.  Nevaeh has two favorite colors;
 purple & pink... 
Her favorite foods are pizza and apples.