Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Katyn & Sam....= perfection

meet the kappler kiddos....

seriously.cute.thats all.

here she is... as pretty as they come,
 little miss katyn kappler...
katyn is 9 years old...she absolutely loves dance, dance, dance & softball. she loves to hang out with her friends, shopping and being a part of anything social! her favorite food includes all things BBQ'd or pickled. she likes spelling and reading the best.

 well....hellowwww handsome!!!
meet mr. sam,
sam is 7 years old. he is a cub scout. he loves rodeo, video games, & swimming.  he is a witty lil man and makes everyone laugh without any effort. sam's favorite foods are...JUNK FOOD! he loves to sleep in. his favorite subjects are recess and math.