Monday, November 18, 2013

Larkyn 4 years...

you blink and all the sudden they get all grown up and get all big and stuff....
you've seen her pretty face before....
meet our little larkyn skye....shes the big 4 this year! and off to preschool she goes! 
she says she wants to be a food maker and a mommy when she grow up....and let me tell you she has put in some good practice with her babies and her easy bake oven!  her favorite colors are pink & purple....she is our little thinker...she has her week planned out in her head by sunday night, and her clothes laid out on the floor! she was born an artist we often find her with a paint brush in hand, and as busy as can be at her easle.  a girl after my own heart she loves everything and all things creative.  she is determined to read and write.  and gives a better pedicure than most salons! just ask her aunt kelly! oh and she has a stash of "her" (more like mom's) lip gloss! our little social butterfly asks to have a sleep over everyday! loves her some friends! she loves to ride bike
 and is swimming like a fish across the pool! 
....shes not a bit shy...especially around the camera!....
love us some larkyn! 


color or black and white????

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

katie & lance engagement session.....

meet katie & lance....

they wear that love thing WELL...seriously there isnt a cuter couple out there! i had so much fun with these two ;) they are natural posers....stay tuned for their wedding photos to come august 2014...happy wedding planning you two love birds! 

the gehring kiddos....

We love being together.
 Anytime spend together is time well spent. 
These kids are always laughing, giggling, 
and showing off their crazy dance moves. 
There is never a dull moment with the Gehrings.

The Itzen Clan....

meet the Itzen clan...
These guys were super fun to work with! 
Here's their story:

It has been about 9 years since 
we last had a family pictures taken!  
Partially because Patrick think that pictures 
steal his soul and partially 
because we are just too busy enjoying each others company 
when we are able to all be together.  
James and Rhonda 
have been blessed with 40 years of marriage 
and two daughters.  
They welcomed their son-in-laws with open arms
 and love love love spending time with their grandsons. 
 Four year old Ethan, loves dinosaurs, sports, and being a big brother to two month old Ryan.