Tuesday, January 15, 2013

we got us a little girl time!.....

driving home from pre-school today larkyn says
 "mama lets play dress up and take pictures today!"
.......hmmmm ok! dont have to ask me twice! 
its not very often (ok never) that she "wants" to take pictures....(this is where is say thanks to the hubby for getting me a tri-pod for christmas!) 

...and what perfect timing her random picture desire...callum was sawing logs and i just got this new chair donated to my picture love from the Way family...THANKS you guys!!! I've been itching to try it! hehe

i normally dont post these dorky things we do but couldnt resist this one :)
we set the timer and away we went...Larkyn had an absolute blast running back and forth to push the button on the camera! 

her words went like this "mama SIT DOWN...ok now..now..( thats her cute little stutter when she gets excited kicking in..) ok...look at the camera...MOM WOOK! are you ready??? ok you say cheese den im gunna wun over der and jump on you ok?!?"

now take that times ten! haha what a fun day! 

 I just love me some girl time! 

 this might be one of my favorite pictures of us ever....and also the most intimidating.
...that look on her face is saying 
"mom, i worship the ground that you walk on...watch your step..." 
eeekk! who knew being a mom could make or break such a sweet little future?
...im so so greatful to  have my best friend to raise my family with!

haha the many poses of larkyn...she had to carry a chair down by the chickens to take one more before we went in for hot chocolate....

how cute is this?!? 
this was my view from the chair! love it! 

....sorry honey, i didnt have time to do the laundry today and we decided to eat cardboard pizza...i promise tomorrow will be full of laundry soap and nutrition! mooaahh!

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