Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sweet baby Emma...

(in the words of one of her dad's students)
"Emma's parents noticed some delays in her growing up.  They came to find after an MRI that her little world was way more complex than they would have ever dreamed.  Emma is battleing a formidable tumor on her frontal lobe and right side of her brain. She and her family will be going out to Boston for surgery and treatment." - this off of Emma's Care page - 
It was when I heard this news, and read those heart-breaking words above on her care page, that I thought what in the world can I do?  Her uncle and I, Wes grew up together thruought gradeschool and highschool.  Then as we all do we graduated and moved off to college and kind of lost touch.
I contacted Wes and asked what he thought of me doing a photo shoot for Emma and her family.  Emma's parents (although they didnt really know much about me), accepted my offer and I spent the morning at Childrens Hospital in Omaha on Monday....taking their pictures.  They truly have one of the neatest familys around, and oh that little Emma... I have to say these were the hardest pictures to edit beacuse I was having a hard time seeing thru my tear dripping eyes.  She is such an animated little girl bursting with tons of expression! All of her smiling, squeeks, and giggles whenever her mom, dad, and brother would look at her could just melt your world in a second she is an amazing little dolly.  

Meet Princess Emma....

....her family

and big brother Aiden...

daddy's girl!

beautiful. thats all.

this is one of my favorites...
you can just feel the love looking at her snuglled up so comfy in proud daddy's arms :)

big happy smiles in mommies arms = beautiful-ness

sibling love. simply awesome.

look at her beautiful little annimated self wanting to jump right out of this picture!

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